Patchwork Memory Bear


This 18″ stuffed bear is custom-designed. The bear is handcrafted using a combination of 3-5 different garments to create your distinctive bear. It has button eyes and a felt nose. Patchwork Bears are a unique keepsake. These handmade Patchwork Bears are a perfect way to remember a loved one you have lost, preserve special baby garments, or recall any special occasion you want to commemorate.

Note: when sending your garments, please group the items you want to be used for each Patchwork Bear. For more information, see details below.

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This eighteen-inch handmade Patchwork Memory Bear is made from your loved one’s shirt, dress, top, blue jeans, robe, jacket, or other items. The personalized Patchwork bear has button eyes and a felt nose for added charm. Each bear is a one-of-a-kind creation.

We know it’s hard to lose a loved one. Now, you can have them back in your arms with a bereavement bear made from their clothes.

The Patchwork Bear is made with careful attention to detail and quality workmanship. You can trust your loved one’s clothes with us. Every stitch is sewn with love & respect, and we hope each bear we make brings comfort and happy memories to your entire family.

Visit How to Order if you still have questions.

Additional information

Additional Information

How long does it take to finish the bear?
Your custom-created, heirloom-quality keepsake will ship to you within the time frame based on the number of items ordered. This is outlined on the How to Order page. If you are ordering 1-5 items, your order typically ships within 6-8 weeks.

Can a bear be made from more than one garment?
Yes, order our Patchwork Bear.

Can a bear be made from clothing other than shirts?
Yes, as long as the clothing has enough fabric for the pieces I need to cut. The bears I make are larger than most, so we’ll need to ensure there is enough. If there isn’t, we can always use another garment.

Where do I send the shirts?
Memory Lane Boutique
P.O.Box 150
Cooleemee, NC 27014

How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated at checkout. International orders, please contact me for shipping.


18 in.

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